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Nano Emulsified

Nanoemulsified CBD is a rapid delivery system that allows you to benefit more thoroughly from your dose, which provides a better experience and a better value.

What Are

Emulsions are when a lipophilic liquid that is not soluble in a water based liquid is broken into droplets small enough to be held in suspension. Nanoemulsions are made when a substance is broken into extremely tiny particles, between 10 and 100 nanometers.

Think about when oil and vinegar are separate in a salad dressing, but will stay mixed when you blend it well enough. Nanoemulsions are like a high tech version of making vinaigrette, with much tinier dispersed particles.

Nanoemulsions are not a new concept. They are well known in science, and a well researched delivery system for oral and topical medications.


Why Make
Nanoemulsified CBD?

CBD is naturally lipophilic and hydrophobic. This means it is soluble in fat, but not very soluble in water. It’s like the oil that floats on top of the salad dressing before you shake it.

Nanoemulsified CBD is often referred to as “water soluble CBD,” which is not technically accurate, but is still a reasonable description in terms of its function. Because our bodies, largely made of water, absorb water based nanoemulsions much more easily.


Benefits of
Nanoemulsified CBD

The significantly better absorption rate of nanoemulsions over traditional CBD translates to greatly increased bioavailability. This has several advantages.

Your body absorbs the CBD faster, bringing you the benefits more quickly.

Your body absorbs more of the CBD, giving you more of the benefits for a longer time.

You enjoy the best possible value from the product, because you get optimized benefits per dose and your bottle lasts longer.

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