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About Made
Plant Health

Made Plant Health is a boutique hemp farm operation.
Our mission is to provide high quality, organically grown, scientifically based CBD and medicinal mushroom products to support your health and well being.

We are dedicated to grounding everything we do in science, and passionate about sharing knowledge. We want to educate our customers so they feel confident they are making informed choices and getting the highest quality products.


Here at Made Plant Health we're passionate about the science behind our products and the care it takes to produce them. We’re excited to share our vision for high quality products from small organic hemp farms, and everything we've learned about why they work so well for you.


Why a THC Free Line?

Even though our hemp CBD products all fall under the federally legal level of .3% or less THC content, we recognize that there is a concern from a variety of professionals regarding the risk of failing a THC drug screen.

First responders, CDL drivers, athletes and veterans are all groups who have indicated interest in legal CBD products for health reasons. With them in mind, we developed our Broad Spectrum THC Free product line, which offers all the benefits of our Full Spectrum products, but with 0% THC.

Daniel Carcillo

Daniel is a former pro hockey player who came out of his successful NHL career with a variety of challenges, including post concussive syndrome. In researching recovery options, he discovered the healing potential of CBD and medicinal mushrooms. He added them to his neurological treatment regimen and was so happy with his progress, he decided he wanted to help other people the way CBD helped him. After careful efforts to analyze the industry and build professional connections, he joined forces with Jeremy Widmann to create Made Plant Health.

Daniel talks about mental health, traumatic brain injury, CBD, medicinal mushrooms, his personal healing experiences and related scientific research at:

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